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Get ready for 2024

2024 Calendar Stickers

Are you ready to take charge of your year ahead? Our 2024 Calendar Stickers for planners and journals are here to help you stay organized, focused, and on top of your schedule.

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A Book Lover and proud of it

Book Stickers

Do you wish to start a book journal? Are you an avid reader looking to organize your book reviews? At Stickimo Shop, we have an array of book-themed stickers tailored to your requirements. With our stickers, you can effortlessly track the number of books you read each year, assign star ratings, and much more.

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Stickers and planners in an opened wooden box

Designed to help you make your day better

Planner Stickers

Struggling with daily organization? Looking for assistance in habit tracking? Look no further! We offer a wide range of tools to help you plan your days, weeks, months, and even your entire year efficiently and with a creative flair

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  • Made Locally

    Stickimo Shop is a planner sticker shop based in the beautiful state of Washington.

  • Designed with Love

    Aprylle is the creative mind behind our stickers. Her digitized handwriting and illustrations gives life to sticker designs, tailored to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your planner spread.

  • Free Shipping on orders $30 and more

    Spend $30 or more, and we'll take care of the shipping costs.